Holidays or events in the Centre as an unusual gift?

Problem with what to give your loved ones for your next joyous occasion? Thinking about how to reward employees of your company?
Why not try something original this year?


  • stay in the passive house, that gets its energy from the sun

  • wake up to the sound of a bird concert

  • snack on spring plants and herbs

  • walks through this rich region

  • drink fresh water directly from the source

  • experience the production of traditional handicraft product

All thiswe can assure youinHostetin,ifyou cometostay.

Give your dearest experience in the White Carpathians.

Dárek pro naše nejdražší...


A gift for your loved ones ... 

We have something for everyone. Whether it is a relaxing holiday, Holidays with a story, a camp for parents with children, arranged weekend seminars and courses (we will organize courses for fruit, natural gardening, seminars on energy saving, healthy cooking course, craft making and others). The current offers are available on our website.

Our passive house, natural garden, homemade diet of organic foods, organic apple juice directly from the source and nontraditional accompanying programs awaits you. And particularly the memorable beautiful landscape of the White Carpathians.


If you have questions about gift vouchers contact: Hana Machů, e-mail and phone [email protected], +420 739 569 264.


Mgr. Hana Machů

[email protected]
572 630 670, 739 569 264
Skype: hana.machu73

You want a gift certificate?

Send us an email and tell us the name of the giftgiver, reciever, the purpose (accommodation or events) and amount. We will promptly issue a certificate.