Practical information about accommodation

At the Eco-inn we have

  • Internet in all rooms

  • Separate kitchen (kettle, stove, refrigerator ...). More in the eating.

We do not allow dogs in our house, thank you for your understanding.

What to bring?

  • When you book a bed at our inn a bed with linens, along with towels will be prepared for you.
  • As outdoor shoes are not allowed in our Centre, please bring slippers if possible.
  • If you are not part of a larger group that has ordered meals in the Centre Veronica Hostětín, you provide your own food. Also, please note that Hostetin only has one shop, with limited hours. Full board is possible from our kitchen, if enough people (>10) have ordered in advance. The store in Hostetin is open weekdays and Saturdays (beware of limited opening hours and limited supplies of bread).
  • Beautiful scenery around a rural environment evokes the want for greater movement. Bring, if possible, sports shoes, comfortable clothing and a raincoat or umbrella  might be necessary.

Map of the surroundings, equipment for sports and play

We will lend you a detailed map of the area showing the nature trails, you can also buy a tourist map of the area from us. We can lend you a ball, badminton, soft-tennis rackets, stilts, party games.

Other Information

  • In the village itself there is a limited number of parking spaces. Parking for visitors is reserved opposite the center of the street, between the fire station and recycling. If you have problems with parking, please contact the staff of the Centre.
  • There is no television in the building. There are magazines (Respekt, Veronica, Right Home Magazine) and especially a rich supply of books (not only) on environmental issues from our library.
  • Bed linen (sheets, towels) are not changed daily for environmental reasons, but changed after your departure. If you require daily exchange, please contact the staff.
  • The mobile signal in the Centre can be weak, and you might have to go outside to make calls (Perfect excuse to put the phone down for a while, and enjoy the calm of not being constantly reachable, maybe?).