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Castles and museums

Ruins of Castle Brumov

This medieval royal castle, first inhabited in the late first century BC., founded a defense against the Hungarians. In the 15th century it was rebuilt as a grand Renaissance fortress, there was a mutiny against the castle in 1621, and it disappeared after 1820. Currently you can in the original cellars and granaries see an exhibition about the history of the castle and the fate of the place over the centuries. Tel .: 577 333 427, www.brumov-bylnice.cz/hrad


 Novy Světlov

The history of the village of Bojkovice is connected with the Novy Světlov castle, built in 1480 by Landštejnové brothers. In the mid-19th century, the castle was rebuilt into a chateau in the style of English Tudor Gothic. More about the history of the town and surrounding area can be learned at the Museum Bojkovska.


Pivečkově castle ruins in the park in Slavičín

This is not an actual castle ruin, but just a "dummy", which is part of many wooden sculptures in the park, but it is the ideal environment for a trip with children. It is 7 km away from Hostetin, and can be reached by bus to the stop Lukšín, from there it is a 5-minute walk away.


Lešná ZOO

When you visit ZOO Lešná, make sure to also visit the mansion, which is in the area.