The task of the Centre Veronica Hostětín is to demonstrate that the attitude towards nature, considerate management of resources, and informed interpretation of local heritage may economically stabilize the countryside and solve unemployment even in rather remote areas. It should serve as a living laboratory of sustainable development attitudes and measurements.

We inform, explore, and promote

Educational modules of the Centre are developed mainly in the following expert areas:

  • Sustainable regional development
  • Climate protection, energy savings, and renewable energy resources; ecological building
  • Nature and landscape protection
  • Water in the landscape
  • Extensive fruit growing

They are not only limited to theory but mainly focused on practical transfer of experience, based on long-lasting monitoring of realized model projects:

Research and education are built upon cooperation with a range of experts, schools and institutions. Many allied organizations in the White Carpathians complement the offer of ecological projects with other practical examples and regional specifics. The cooperation with promoters of similar projects abroad is equally important - it expands local experience by international knowledge and latest trends.

Centre Veronica Hostětín offers

  • Expert seminars, conferences, and workshops for representatives of public administration, expert public, NGOs, and business sphere
  • Guided tours of the model projects
  • Programmes and trips for all types of schools
  • Lectures and counselling service for the general public
  • Library and study room with projects documentation
  • Facilities for seminars, team-buildings, and other training activities in the beautiful and clean environment of the White Carpathians
  • Stay in the ecological building that provides:
    • 50 seats for trainings and lectures
    • Room for 100 people for municipal and social meetings
    • 28 beds for accommodation in 11 bed rooms, with 2-4 beds in each
    • workroom for employees and trainees
    • workshop and base for practical classes
    • kitchen preferentially using local and organic products

Centrum Veronica Hostětín is a part of ZO ČSOP Veronica (Basic Organization of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation), a civic association based in Brno, which has been operating in Hostětín and the Zlín region for more than 15 years.