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Program for 3 days

Day 1:

  • Hostětín
  • Green Hostětín Nature Trail (1.5 km)

  •  Nature Trail Around Hostětín (6.5 km)


Day 2:

  • Moravian Kopanice and Žítková
  • Go around the sculpture Cats and Spring Basin over Zítkova at the crossroads of Slavičín. Connect with nature on the trail in Moravian Kopanice, which is 11.5 km long (all in all, there and back 23 km long). After you go through the nature trails you can follow the blue route through Krhov and end up in Bojkovice. Above Krhová you can climb to the lookout on the Rock, near which there is a well called Ohloběnka.


Day 3:

  • Luhačovice
  • Taste the water from the medicinal springs at the colonnade, swim in the lake, the outdoor pool at the dam, the indoor swimming pool, and hiking trips to the pilgrimage site Malenisko - Provodov and to the castle ruins Sehrad, Rýsov and Old Světlov.