Package for children

Day 1:

  • Hostětín
  • Explore the nature garden – with the mole hole, insect houses,homes for earwigs, bean teepee, and igloo wicker. Taste the fruit of the garden, perform music on the wooden xylophone, and paint the garden board. There is also a particularly amazing creek where you can build dams, and search for shrimps and crayfish.0
  • Statues in the landscape (1.5 km), nature walking trail Around Hostětín (4-6,5 km), and see the spirits, elves, and possibly also the Cat´s Castle.


 Day 2:

  • Brumov castle ruins, swimming in Brumově

  • The option of a shorter walking tour of Brumov to Popovice according to the yellow line (about 6 km) - view of the countryside, walk around the chapel. 


Day 3:

  • Option A: ZOO Lešná, Children's amusement park Galaxie Zlín, Museum of footwear in Zlín.

  • Option B: Walk through the landscape of the White Carpathians.
  • Various routes can be found, tips for trips are to the Moravian Kopanice or Bojkovice - Komně - Nezdenice. It can also be reached via the Hostetin Bojkovice bus to Mikulčin hill, which is just 5 km from the second highest peak of the White Carpathians, Big Lopeník, which since 2005 has a wooden tower.


 Day 4:

  • Option A: Ekoland Staré Město, Baťa canal, Kunovice Aviation museum
  • Option B: Valašské Klobouky
  • Wooden museum (local crafts and traditions), a lookout point at Královec (long nature trail about 7 km), also possibility of a trip to a nature reserve called Ščúrnica, and to the well Dělanovec (the green line), possibility of walking tour of Valašské Klobouky, to Popovice over Jelenovska and around Hložecké Chapel (approx 9 km).


Day 5:

  • Luhačovice
    • Possibility to take the train across Újezdec to Luhačovice, or by car via Slavičín. In Luhačovice you can taste medicinal plants, walk to the dam, swim in the outdoor pool in Pozlovice or near a dam or in a pool in Luhačovice. Then a trip to the castle ruins of Old Světlov, Sehrad and Rýsov or the pilgrimage site Malenisko - Provodov. Be sure to visit the local museum