Tour of the environmental model projects

It is not enough to just read about Hostetin... you need to see it with your own eyes!


Want to know how and why ...    

  • solar collector heats the hot water?
  • sun produces electricity?
  • plants clean waste water from the village?
  • passive house saves energy and heat?
  • village houses are heated with wood?
  • juicing plant produces drinks?
  • street lamps do not light in the windows?
  • Garden grown in harmony with nature?


Take part in guided tours and we'll all be happy to answer these questions.

Tours take approximately 3 hours (time can be changed by arrangement). We will be happy to meet your requirements or needs, or arrange a tour for expert listeners.

During the tour you can visit all of our environmental projects. If you have less time, you can of course choose just one.

Please note: a large part of the excursion takes place outdoors. Please wear appropriate footwear (there might be sludge by the reed bed waste water treatment plant), clothing and gear,  an umbrella might be needed.


Kontaktní osoba

Mgr. Hana Machů


Skupinová: 60 Kč na hodinu za osobu, minimum 560 Kč za hodinu (ceny z roku 2022)
Exkurze zahrnuje všechny projekty nebo jen vybrané z nich. Trvá přibližně 2-3 hodiny (dle rozsahu exkurze).

Individuální (min. 2 osoby): 250 Kč/os. za hodinu
Exkurze trvá 1-1,5 hod. a zahrnuje pouze vybrané projekty.


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