Family holiday and tourist experiences in the White Carpathians – The region of the Žitkova goddesses

When you enter our natural garden and breathe in the fresh air in the morning, you will know why we love Hostetin ...

The passive house, the sunny, magical landscape of the White Carpathians, being able to taste organic apple juice directly from the source, sculptures in the landscape, crayfish in the stream, and nighttime stargazing ... how can you resist?

ECO-INN Centre Veronica is built as a passive house and is an example of organic architecture. It has modern interiors using natural materials such as clay plaster, clay bricks, straw insulation, solid wood. The maintenance and operation of the house is certified as an environmentally friendly service, and solar energy and biomass is used for heating, rainwater for flushing and wet plants for wastewater treatment. The house is surrounded by a sample nature garden and orchard with a creek - a perfect place to relax or play games, for both children and adults.



  • 25 beds in 10 rooms (6x2, 3x3, 1x4 beds), each with its own bathroom. We provide bed linens and towels.
  • As a welcome for you in the room you will find a bottle of our own Hostětín juice, made from apples that grew on the surrounding hills of the White Carpathians.
  • Internet connection: free Wi-Fi in the whole house.
  • You can rent a sleeping cot for small children or an extra mattress, if there is more people.
  • Conference room serves as a dining room and a spacious lounge.



Groups of more than 10 people is offered full board or half board, also if individual guests amounts to 10 or more people (please inquire before your stay).
Guests have a fully equipped kitchen with kettle, stove, oven, microwave, common refrigerator for possible storage of food.

We cook preferably with homemade ingredients and organic food. We can prepare vegetarian, vegan, diet or regional menu. Directly "from the source" with us you will enjoy the famous Hostětín juice and for breakfast we serve fair trade coffee. See details.


You will get to experience:

  • Nature Trail Around Hostětín and sculptures in the landscape
  • Famous village Žítková, home of the Goddesses – magical healers and herbalists used to live in the past
  • Ruins of Castle Brumov, wooden houses around Valašske Klobouky, close to the spa Luhačovice
  • Environmental projects implemented in Hostetin
  • Our natural garden and orchard. Especially for kids: a creek with a water mill, mole burrow, wooden xylophone, willow maze, and other gameplay elements.
  • We offer experiences from more than 25 supporting programs

More details about what we offer can be found in the right hand column, or ask us.

We look forward to seeing you.


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