Green Hostětín Nature Trails

Look into a unique community, find out how to live a modern life, yet still in harmony with nature.

Hostetin village is known for its environmental projects. Waste water from the village is cleaned by a reedbed sewage treatment plant, houses are centrally heated by biomass (wood chips) from the municipal heating plant, the municipality also uses solar energy for heating water and electricity. This is where you find the passive house Centre Veronica, which is an example of ecological building and connects the latest technology with natural processes. You can visit it and see the natural plaster, straw insulation, green roofs and other technologies that enables it to have up to 10 times less energy than other houses. The center functions as an educational center and hostel, where you can buy traditional handicraft Tradice-labelled products and especially the renowned Hostětín organic apple juice from a local juicing plant.

The trail begins in the village, and you can do it on your own and learn from the panels, or you can order a guided tour at the Centre Veronica. On the information panel at the start, you can read about Hostetin, its importance for sustainable development and get an overview of what projects are implemented in the village. The infopanel is complemented by a clear map, which shows the location of ecological constructions. The route is about 1.5 km long and is suitable for both hikers and cyclists. The tour can be used in addition to the information panels and Hostětín Guide brochure, which you can buy or borrow at Center Veronica, at the municipal office, or in the local shop.


Tempted to see the other sculptures in the landscape?

At the reedbed water treatment plant you can see goblins and statues of Adam and Eve. If you are staying in Hostětín for a longer period of time, we advise you to explore more statues in the landscape. "South" trail, marked with the letter "J" in the circle starts at the municipal office. Leading the way to the right, past the statue of the Elfs Cat Castle, Rangers, strawberries (event. Cows or source), and then turns back to the village. The route is about 3 km. You can also go on another trail around Hostětín, which also begins at the municipal office, but this time left at the statue Zvoničky. The trail is decorated with beautiful statues by the artist Rosti Pospisil and you will definitely have a wonderful experience.


Do not forget the nature garden

If you visit us with children, be sure to stop by in the nature garden by the Veronica Centre where children can admire the insect houses, experience how to live in a mole hole, and what the sounds of different types of wood makes on the wooden xylophone. They can also see how snakes and bats live, taste the fruit from old local varieties of trees, or go through a willow maze and play in the willow igloo. And they can spend unforgettable moments in our creek doing dam construction and explore the life under stones.

Nature garden is of course not only open for children. Adults can gain some knowledge here on the panel nature trails. If you are interested in natural gardening, visit and shop in the Centre Veronica, where you can buy thematic literature. Come for training - sign up for a newsletter, it gets you invited to not miss the action.


One day is not enough to experience Hostetin.

Come join us for a longer period, we are happy to accommodate you in our ECO-INN and offer amazing homemade cuisine using organic products. With our trips you get to know the story of the landscape of the White Carpathians, including magic Moravian Kopanice, where until recently the Žitkova goddess lived, known from the book Catherine Tuckova. We will take you on local attractions of nature, history and traditional crafts.

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