Learning - directly under the fruit trees

Wow children with an excursion to Hostetin - and they will not even be aware they are learning. Interactive programs show them how the passive house works, what biomass is and how the water from the village is cleaned. We organize multi-day stays for older elementary and secondary schools.

Excursions for environmental projects in the village (1.5-4 h)

With their own eyes, the children will see that energy from the sun is sufficient to heat water, the village can be heated with wood, and bacteria on the roots of plants manage to clean waste water. In the form of interactive excursions pupils get closer our environmental projects (reed bed wastewater treatment plant, municipal biomass heating plant, passive house, solar collectors, photovoltaic power plant, apple juicing plant, and friendly public lighting). Interpretation and accompanying gaming activities are tailored to their age.

Residency program (3-5 days)

The concept of sustainable development is now the inflection of all cases - but how does it actually work? This is what pupils and students learns during their stay in Hostetin. Where else to learn about sustainable development than in the village where the term is put into practice?

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Ecoschool is an international program under which pupils learn about environmental issues and at the same time  strive to minimize and sort waste, save energy and water and improve the environment of the school and its surroundings. Based on a school-wide Eco-working team, create your own ekokodex, analyze the current situation at the school in these areas and suggest improvements that you then try to fulfill.
The program is suitable for primary schools, secondary, and special schools large and small, rural and urban schools experienced in the field of environmental education and schools just beginning.

If you want to know the details please contact us. We coordinate the program in region. More what information can also be found on the web www.ekoskola.cz


Vocational training, internships, consultations for seminar, university theses

We offer students and high schools and universities professional training, internships and leadership vintage, and help with papers, dissertations and theses.

Outreach practice for college

Universities are offered a unique environment in Hostetin and environmental projects - examples of sustainable development in practice. Come join us on an excursion or field practicum - for example, with the theme of sustainable development, climate protection, local economy and landscape ecology.