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Village of Hostětín

The village of Hostětín with 240 inhabitants is located in the northern part of the White Carpathians Landscape Protected Area (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1996) in the border area of several outstanding folklore regions, including Slovácko (Moravské Kopanice and Luhačovické Zálesí) and Wallachia. 

Since the beginning of the 1990s, many projects have been developed in the region involving the use of local resources, energy conservation, renewable sources of energy (particularly sun and biomass) as well as environment-friendly technologies.

The Hostětín projects are model ones: they verify ecological technologies in practice and show how they work (seewww.hostetin.veronica.cz/studie). Thanks to these projects, every year local residents save more than 1,600 tons of emissions of carbon dioxide, i.e. the gas that increases the greenhouse effect and contributes to global climate change.

Hostětín was awarded the Czech Solar Award 2009 in a prestigious international competition Energy Globe 2007 and many other awards for their contribution to environment protection.

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